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Why Stevia
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Why Stevia
Stevia is a natrual herb, contains zero calories, and has a zero glycemic index. It can be used as supplement to your food and drinks without the chemicals of artificial sweeteners and calories of sugar! And it is safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics.
Why Stevia
Why Stevia
Why Stevia
Why Stevia
Why Stevia
Why Stevia
Why Stevia
Why Stevia
Comparision of Stevia with other Sweetners :
Per 2 Teaspoons of Sugar Stevia Sugar Aspartame Sucralose Saccharin
Natural vs. Artificial Natural Natural Artificial Artificial Artificial
Calories 0 32 0 0 0
Net Carbs 0 1g 8g 1g 1g
Gylcemic Index 0 70 0 0 0
Comparision between Stevia and Common Synthesized Sweetners :
Properties Aspartame Acesulfamk Cyclamate Saccharin Stevia
Process Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic Synthetic Natural
Sweetness Power 200 150 30 250 200
Heat stability Relative Stable Stable Stable Stable
PH stability Relative Stable Stable Stable Stable
Combined heat/PH stability Relative Stable Stable Stable Stable
Baking Stability No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Solubility in Alcohol No Relative no no Yes
Cooking stability Relative Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mouth feeling effect No No No No Yes
Used by man since 1981 1988 1938 1879 Several centuries
Benefits of Stevia
Why Stevia Non Synthetic Product
Why Stevia Non Toxic
Why Stevia No Bitterness
Why Stevia Stable when heated upto 180oc
Why Stevia Flavour Enhancing
Why Stevia No Negative Effect
Why Stevia Ideal, Non-Addictive Sweetner for Children
Why Stevia Non Fermentative
Why Stevia Clinically tested and frequently used by humans with no side Effect
Health Benefit
Why Stevia Zero Calorie
Why Stevia Anti Hypertensive
Why Stevia Hypogycaemic
Why Stevia Digestive Tonic
Why Stevia Strengths the hearing and vascular system.
Why Stevia Antimicrobial
Why Stevia Clear Skin Problems
Why Stevia No side Effect